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New Unisite Board 4.1 with search for ads on the map

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New Unisite Board 4.1 with search for ads on the map

Free Download New Unisite Board 4.1 with search ads on the map (Nulled)


Added the online shopping module. Now each user will be able to create a store from their profile with a full-fledged catalog of ads, personal pages and a promo slider.2. Added the ability to change the currency when publishing an ad.3.

Improved ad search. Now the search is performed not only by the name of the ad, but also by characteristics, category, address and city. The search also takes into account the city and the category on where the user is located.4.

Added the ability to register and log in only by email and password.5. Improved chat adaptability on mobile devices.6. Added the ability to search for ads on the Yandex or Google map.7. Added the ability to subscribe to new ads by category or specific filters.8.

Added a promo slider on the main page with the ability to add new slides via the admin panel.9. Added a promo page builder with a visual an editor for creating information pages on the site.10. Added an algorithm for checking forbidden words when publishing ads.

Now ads will be automatically rejected if there are prohibited words in the title or description, and will also be rejected when links to third-party sites and email addresses are detected.11. Added the dark Theme module key 24-14–80-1-19-5-8-4-2.-14-5- 20 Download Z Size: 47.81 Mb, downloaded 1 time

Files Structure

  • install_ub4
    • db.sql (555.57 KB)
    • (47.39 MB)
    • thematics
      • 0.sql (374.00 KB)
      • 1.sql (21.41 KB)
      • 2.sql (165.51 KB)
      • 3.sql (8.35 KB)
      • 4.sql (19.88 KB)
      • 5.sql (18.41 KB)
      • 6.sql (31.81 KB)
      • 7.sql (19.04 KB)
      • 8.sql (16.04 KB)
      • 9.sql (21.05 KB)
    • thematics.json (953 bytes)
  • install_ub4.php (43.31 KB)

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